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Gina Bellman Fans
Everything about Gina!
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hello boys
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Credit, comments and concrit are all greatly appreciated. :D
∴ welcome to jurassic park
[44] icons
[44] Leverage (incl. one non-spoilery icon from the season three finale stills!)
[02] wallpapers
[01] Leverage (Rashomon Job)
[01] Jekyll (Claire Jackman)


Here @ picon

Mods, could I have a wallpaper and a jekyll tag, please?
27th-Oct-2010 08:44 pm - Rocky Horror Picture Show
Gina in Sunnies
Gina was in the 1990 show of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and these are the only clips i can find, anyone found any others? 

(The Time Warp - Rocky Horror Show - Piccadilly Theatre 1990)


(Over at the Frankenstein Place - Rocky Horror - London 1990)

20th-Oct-2010 10:41 am(no subject)
Timothy Hutton Gina Bellman
I love this pic!!!

21st-Sep-2010 06:46 pm - New photos!
Actress Gina Bellman attends the World Premiere of 'Made In Dagenham' in association with Quintessentially at the Odeon Leicester Square on September 20, 2010 in London, England.

So glad we got new photos of Gina! She's beautiful and I love the dress.

3rd-May-2010 12:13 am(no subject)
Some Leverage icons I had made.
18th-Nov-2009 09:56 pm - The First David Job still
I just adore her in this episode. Gina as Sophie stole the show!

16th-Nov-2009 09:59 pm - December 2002 photo
Gina Bellman with George Clooney while he was promoting his movie "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" in London. I love the way she sits so casually here with Clooney, is in jeans, wearing All Star shoes.

(Click for HQ)
15th-Nov-2009 06:13 pm - A photo of Gina
17 February 2003 She looks fabulous!

(Click for HQ)
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