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Gina Bellman Fans
Everything about Gina!
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18th-Oct-2009 11:11 am(no subject)

Just  saw this foto and decide to share.

1st-Oct-2009 12:14 am - 56 Nate/Sophie icons from 209
Leverage - Sophie - Window
Last set of episode icons for a while. =(

Total Icon Count: 56
TEASER! Icon 002 TEASER! Icon 019 TEASER! Icon 052

Here at champagnetoast.
WWE - Drew - Sinister Scotsman
My newest Nate & Sophie video! (It's angsty and contains spoilers all the way through 209, just as an FYI.) It's not omg!amazing, but it's better than my last one. Hehe. Hope you like. =)

I recommend watching it on Youtube in HQ or downloading it, since the small embedded one doesn't look quite as good.

Youtube: here.
Download: here.
5th-Sep-2009 02:50 pm - Nate/Sophie Icons from 206 & 207
WWE - Drew - Sinister Scotsman

Episode: Leverage 2x06
Total Icons: 43
Featuring: Nate, Sophie (w/appearances by Parker)
View: here at champagnetoast.

Episode: Leverage 2x07
Total Icons: 103
Featuring: Nate, Sophie (w/appearances by Parker, Eliot)
View: here at champagnetoast.
31st-Aug-2009 08:57 am - Coupling stills
I adore Gina as the crazy, whacky Jane in Coupling! Totally in love with her character there as much as I am with Sophie on Leverage.
Jane this way...Collapse )
28th-Aug-2009 07:27 am - 2008 Summer TCA Tour Turner Party
N&S head lap
I don't know if anyone has ever seen this picture before but I guess there is nothing wrong in sharing, I just like it a lot and I think its very cute.

Its a picture of Tim and Gina on the 2008 Summer TCA Tour Turner Party.

Picture HereCollapse )
26th-Aug-2009 12:05 am - 46 Nate/Sophie icons from 2x05
WWE - Drew - Sinister Scotsman
Finally got these finished! =D

Episode Number: 2x05
Features: Nate and/or Sophie
Total Icon Count: 46


Here at champagnetoast.
Leverage - Nate & Sophie - Close
2x03 The Order 23 Job
Nate and/or Sophie scenes.
194 caps, 154MB, 1280x720px
.png format, .rar compressed.

Previews and download link here at champagnetoast.
Leverage - Nate - Ground
Leverage 2x02 The Tap-out Job.
Nate and/or Sophie scenes.
280 Caps in .png format, 1280x720px.
232MB, Compressed in .rar format.

Previews and download link here at champagnetoast
27th-Jul-2009 08:49 pm - Post of randomness
WWE - Drew - Sinister Scotsman
I thought to get things going around here, I would make a little post of some of my Gina graphics for anyone who may not have seen them already.

Icons & Headers & Wallpapers:
01, 02, 03, 04, 05.

Screencaps - Leverage 2x01 The Beantown Bailout Job:
414 HQ caps.
Includes Nate and/or Sophie.
363.4MB, .png format, 1280 x 720px.
Compressed in .rar format.
Download here.
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