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Gina Bellman Fans

Everything about Gina!

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Welcome to Gina Bellman Fans, a community dedicated to the lovely and wonderful Gina Bellman. This community is here for the sole purpose of gushing over how wonderful Gina is. Feel free to discuss any of her projects, including Leverage, Coupling, movies, and whatever else. If it's Gina-related, it's welcome here. Just check the rules below for specifics, and have fun!
It's all pretty simple around here:
* No bashing of Gina, other members of the comm, other actors/actresses, etc.
* All large posts (fics, interviews, etc.) should be under an lj-cut.
* All spoilers should be under an lj-cut, and please warn people if there are spoilers included in a post.
* Please limit image posts to no more than one image outside the cut, 350px wide or smaller (to keep the layout intact) and icon post previews to not more than 3 icons.
* Please try to tag your posts. Currently there aren't many tags, so if there isn't one for your post, we'll take care of that for you.
* Overall, just be respectful. No hotlinking, keep the personal bits to a minimum, and ask your mod if you're unsure about posting anything. Promotion is ok as long as it somehow relates to Gina, otherwise, just ask! Also, introduction posts are more than welcome here, we'd love to know about you!
If you'd like to affiliate, you can comment here on the welcome post, or PM your mod: _mytruth_

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